Parcels lying around in the reception area can damage your company’s image

The reception area is your company’s calling card. It’s the first impression that clients, visitors and applicants get. This experience will significantly enhance the perception of your products and services. That’s why it’s crucial that your reception area is neat and tidy.

A sloppy reception area

A reception area must be well organised and orderly. Many companies also strive for an innovative and professional image. But that’s where the trouble begins. The current unstoppable flow of parcels and deliveries makes a sloppy impression.

An increasing number of private parcels

No matter how hard the receptionist works, it is difficult to process all these parcels neatly. All the more so because the increasing number of private parcels is an additional burden. The receptionist must accept parcels, sign for them and put them away, as well as informing the employee that it has arrived and finding the parcel when they want to collect it.

Frustrated visitors

What about visitors? They will see the reception area as a parcel distribution centre and may even be able to see employees’ private purchases. Worse yet, the visitor often has a frustrated wait while the reception staff sorts out the parcel chaos…

A smart parcel box at work

Fortunately, the solution is simple – keep parcels away from the reception area. This is why companies are switching en masse to the Bringme Box, a smart parcel box where all couriers can deliver their parcels directly.