Reception with a smile at 3Square

Let's have a look at 3Square

If you regularly drive from Brussels to Ostend, you'll be familiar with the view: the three cuboid buildings alongside the E40. And that's the inspiration for the office compound's name: 3Square. "Office compound", however, is much too stuffy a term for the effervescent atmosphere in here.

The ladies at the reception desk smile broadly and welcome me warmly. I feel like I've walked into a swanky hotel and forget for a moment that about 500 employees come to work here every day at one of the 16 companies located here, and that many others come here to participate in meetings, seminars, or training sessions. One of those people is Frederic Beyens, Facility Manager for 3Square. In a cosy meeting room, we discuss the efficient management of reception.

An all-in formula for a variety of companies

"3Square originated from the realization that a workplace is about far more than just working," Frederic explains. "Here, you'll find everything you need to do your job in the best way possible, but it's just as easy to do some networking, or to not work at all: you could have a meal at the stylish restaurant, for example." It's obvious when you cast a glance around you: at 3Square, they've got an eye for detail. "The total experience. That's what we're about.

The service we offer ensures that companies are able to leave as much as possible to us. It's an all-in formula, so all they really have to do is bring their laptop and they're all set: plug & play." The formula is a clear hit: the occupation rate is high and there's a wide variety of companies enjoying the high levels of service. "Not just a sizeable law firm and a bank have found accommodation here, but smaller start-ups are finding their spot at 3Square as well."

The reception plays an important role

With so much diversity, surely the needs must differ greatly? "Absolutely, I think that's why reception has such an important role in this. Every company has its specific contact who makes sure all questions are answered and all little niggles are taken care of." No small feat. "That's why it was so important to me to relieve reception staff of all labour-intensive tasks in any way we could.

"It was important to me to relieve reception staff of all labour-intensive tasks in any way we could." - Frederic Beyens, Facility Manager for 3Square.

For parcel processing, Bringme looked like the ideal solution. It had to be a solution which took care of a number of other problems for the companies here. For example, some deliveries are confidential, others are valuable. Thanks to Bringme, we've now got a solution that's both safe and discreet. People used to have to take responsibility for parcels without knowing their value or the level of confidentiality. That's over now. The Bringme Box ensures that everything is safely stashed until the person it's meant for comes to pick it up."

And what do the employees think?

Frederic's clearly convinced, but I can't help myself, so I go and ask the people at reception what they think. After all, they spend most time working with the Bringme Box. When I pass by reception, I have a chat with the two employees manning the desk.

"It took some getting used to in the beginning, because we didn't really know what to expect, but the Bringme Box makes it a whole lot easier for us to keep track of all the deliveries," one of both ladies clarifies. "And we spend far less time receiving all of those parcels," her colleague adds. They clearly like the way this works. And it appears to be working well, because I can't see a single parcel lying around near the reception desk anywhere.

"That's right, they're all in the box," they say in unison, smiling. And it seems it's contagious: I walk out with ... a smile on my face.