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Case Office Box TVH

How TVH wins the war for talent with the Bringme Box as an employee benefit


Before Bringme:

  • Private and business packages ended up mixed up
  • Employees sometimes had to leave for home earlier for a package
  • Receptionists wasted a lot of time distributing packages
  • Employees complained of privacy issues

Since Bringme:

  • Receiving private and business packages has been fully automated.
  • Employees gained a unique employee benefit and never worry about their packages again
  • Receptionists can focus on other tasks
  • Employees are satisfied now that their privacy is respected

Starting small and growing year by year into a world-class player: you can only achieve that if you commit to your employees. Thermote and Vanhalst understood this from the very beginning in 1969, when they founded TVH, a repair company for agricultural machines and forklifts. They explain how Bringme helps them attract talent. And keep it.

Thinking outside the box

It is no different in Waregem than in the rest of the country: finding suitable employees is a daunting task. That is why TVH is constantly on the lookout for great employee benefits. There is even a suggestion box from which the most interesting proposals are gathered. In the meantime, they already have a nice offer: among other perks they provide ironing services, sports activities, tickets to events and a green area for employees. And yes: the benefits package includes a Bringme Box. And it has gotten pretty popular

“We are all fishing in the same pond. With a benefit like the Bringme Box we are even more attractive to (future) employees”
Fleet & Project Coordinator Bram Lannoo.

There is no stopping at packages

"Over the past few years, we have really evolved towards a package society," says Fleet & Project coordinator Bram Lannoo. "People are ordering more and more online and we often heard that this caused problems. They do not fit in the mailbox, people had to stay home for the delivery or go to the post office... Employees also often had private packages delivered to work, but there they ended up mixed in the company mail - not exactly ideal and certainly not okay in terms of privacy." During the human resources department's search for a solution to this pressing problem, they ended up with Bringme.

Case Office Box TVH article

Less work for the reception, more comfort for the employees

Today, taking delivery of packages is fully automated at TVH, which means a lot less work for the reception. On top of that, the private and business mail flows are now perfectly separated and completely in line with the new European privacy legislation. The reception area also gains extra appeal with its sleek and modern design. But the reception staff are not the only lot that are happy with "their" box.

"You can really say this was an instant success," says Lannoo. "The Bringme Box was immediately embraced, and all employees are eagerly using it." After the introduction, word of mouth did its job, the box's popularity continued to grow, and expansions beyond the standard box soon followed. Conclusively, an employee benefit that really hits the spot.

Would you also like to deploy a Bringme Box as an employee benefit?