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Case Header De Ark

Why senior residents love their digital concierge

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Leading architect Stéphane Beel had a Bringme digital concierge installed for the active seniors living at the Twist and De Ark assisted living residences in the well-known ‘Tweewaters’ district on the Vaartkom in Leuven. “That doesn’t make any sense,” you might think now. Do ‘digital’ and ‘seniors’ really go together? Isn’t such a technological tour de force too complex for these residents? We went to ask them and let them answer for themselves in the resultant video. You’ll notice that one word came up all the time: ‘easy’.

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Bringme Box at Get Living

How to achieve high tenant retention rates? Get Living gets it.

The rental market in the UK is a competitive one, so if you want to be a part of it, you need to be able to meet customers’ growing expectations. That’s why Get Living decided to equip their building lobbies at Elephant Central with a Bringme Box. Read their story.

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Case residential Box Bato Den Baron

Former post office becomes residential complex with smart in-house post office

The old post office in the centre of Dilbeek had already been empty since 2013 when it was saved from demolition by real estate developer Bato. Bato redeveloped the building into a residential project full of character and technology and in accordance with the BENOveren standard.

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Case Residentieel Box Vorm article

Smart box provides residents of VORM with more quality time

Dutch project developer VORM is always looking for new products to increase residents' comfort. In residence De Kroon, an urban project in Amsterdam, they installed a Bringme Box—a smart parcel drop box that lets residents receive parcels, even when they're not home.

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Case Residential Gands Stephane Verbeeck

Services that think along with young urban millennials

Shared spaces. Alternative mobility. Energy-efficient washing machines. Project developer GANDS is seemingly effortlessly capitalizing on the newest trends and offering its young urban style community an impressive range of smart services. Of course, that includes a Bringme Box.

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Case Residential Liberty P Laza London

Why student accommodation Liberty Plaza can no longer go without the Bringme Box

Students these days know the digital world like the back of their hand. It’s not surprising that they’re big on online ordering. And it’s definitely not surprising that the most active Bringme users are… students. What is it that draws them to Bringme? We went to student accommodation Liberty Plaza in the heart of London, to ask two of its residents this question.

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