Want to improve your visitor experience? Avoid these 5 frustrations

Have you ever taken a critical look at your reception? How smoothly your visitors are welcomed and what they experience during their visit determines not only their impression of your company, but also of the quality of your products or services. These 5 frustrations stand in the way of a positive visitor experience.

1. The receptionist is busy

Receptionists have more tasks than welcoming visitors. They’re often busy answering phone calls, helping suppliers or handling parcels. And the visitor has to wait.

2. Visitor registration with pen and paper

Collecting data with pen and paper is outdated. On top of that, visitors don’t enjoy that other people can see their personal information. Protecting visitor information is crucial for both the visitor and the company.

3. Getting a person’s name wrong is a bad start

Nothing is more frustrating than a receptionist who has been spelling or pronouncing your name wrong right from the start. This is even more important when receiving international visitors. Lack of attention to small details can have a big impact on a business relationship.

4. Waiting for the host

After registration, the receptionist has to contact the host. However, this person may not be at their desk or might be in a meeting. The visitor has to wait for the host to arrive.

5. Lack of information about the meeting

The correct name of the host, the time and the name of the meeting room is a minimum of information that ensures a smooth visitor experience.Starting a meeting by searching for and then entering the Wi-Fi password is not a good start for both the host and the visitor.

You can easily avoid these frustrations with the Bringme Desk, a visitor management system that ensures a smooth visitor experience. Simply scan and meet.