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Why the elderly love their digital concierge

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Leading architect Stéphane Beel had a Bringme digital concierge installed for the active elderly living at the Twist and De Ark assisted living residences in the well-known ‘Tweewaters’ district on the Vaartkom in Leuven. “That doesn’t make any sense,” you might think now. Do ‘digital’ and ‘elderly’ really go together? Isn’t such a technological tour de force too complex for these residents? We went to ask them and let them answer for themselves in the resultant video. You’ll notice that one word came up all the time: ‘easy’.

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Bringme Box at Get Living

How to achieve high tenant retention rates? Get Living gets it.

The rental market in the UK is a competitive one, so if you want to be a part of it, you need to be able to meet customers’ growing expectations. That’s why Get Living decided to equip their building lobbies at Elephant Central with a Bringme Box. Read their story.

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Office Axians

Axians optimises its internal logistics with the Bringme Box

ICT solution provider Axians believes that efficiency and privacy are paramount at work. That’s why they wanted to facilitate the discreet handling of sensitive documents, the handing over of IT material, and the implementation of the clean desk policy. Read how they handle this!

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AD Delhaize Wezemaal

How AD Delhaize Wezemaal converts online shoppers into customers

How can supermarkets attract new customers and connect them to their shop in these times of fierce competition? That’s s a question that was on the mind of AD Delhaize Wezemaal for quite a while. When they discovered the existence of the Bringme Box, they were all ears.

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Samsung Experience Store

Samsung pampers customers with a Bringme Box experience

Samsung wants to enhance their customers’ experience by providing a wonderful experience in their Experience Stores. The Bringme Box is an original way to surprise their customers with an additional gift.

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Blog Office Carconnex Laura

Carconnex uses the Bringme Box to optimize their employees’ spare time

Delivery people were always coming and going with parcels for Carconnex employees, which disturbed everybody’s concentration. This is why the company installed a smart parcel box. Find out how the Bringme Box made an impact on the work floor via this short video.

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