Less management, improved resident experience

Increase resident satisfaction with Bringme’s digital concierge. Ensure that property managers can focus on what matters.

  • Increase resident retention in your development
  • Simplify complicated key management and save costs
  • Eliminate time-consuming property management tasks
  • Avoid resident frustration regarding lost or stolen parcels

Want to strengthen resident retention? Here's how!

Give residents the comfort they expect today.

Bringme’s smart parcel locker

receives all the deliveries. No more lost parcels!

With the digital Bringme Key

the tenant swipes and all the doors open with one key. No more multiple keys.

The smart bell

connects visitors to the resident’s videocom or smartphone.  Available 24/7.

Time-saving build-to-rent digital key

Time-saving build-to-rent digital key:

  • No need to go anywhere to transfer keys
  • No locksmith required in the event of loss
  • Spare key available 24/7 in the residential project

The ideal key for renting


The Bringme Key swipes connecting doors, the apartment door, the smart parcel box and the storage room open. No more keyrings.

Remote management

Adjust access to the building to start and end dates of the rental contract. Programmable remotely, in realtime.

In-house key service

Provide a contract and hand over the Key without going anywhere? Via the Box, of course.

No more replacing of residents' nameplates

As soon as the rental contract starts, the digital nameplate is updated with one simple click in the Bringme Manager.

  • Correct mail delivery from day 1
  • No reminders from your resident

No more complaints about parcels

The most common complaint from tenants and residents? Lost parcels.

With a fully-fledged smart parcel box, parcels will never be lost again.

Privacy-proof management of your building

It is the property manager’s duty to protect the resident's personal data. Labels on deposited parcels contain personal information. The Bringme Box keeps this safe.

No more complex administration

The cloud-based Bringme Manager makes building management a lot more efficient and faster. Replace time-consuming tasks with one simple click.

Residents register

Easy registration and deregistration of residents and tenants & updating of digital nameplates

Manage access rights

Adjust access rights to the start and end dates of the rental contract & blacklist lost keys

Analytics dashboard

Powerful analysis tool for optimising the use of the Box

Let's improve the resident experience together!

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