Improve efficiency with a flexible workplace

Let employees focus on valuable tasks. Receive visitors and couriers fully automatically and professionally. Save time, increase productivity and cut costs - all at once.

  • Automate 100% of reception tasks
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Make hybrid working efficient
  • Eliminate time-consuming work processes

Continue to work undisturbed. The bell takes care of everything.

Bringme ensures that employees can work undisturbed. The smart doorbell securely opens the door and gives clear voice and visual instructions.

Register visitors automatically. Better time management.

Ease the burden on reception staff by automating visitor management. Visitors register themselves and are welcomed directly by the host.

Visitors register themselves

With the personal QR code they receive in their pre-registration email, visitors can register quickly and easily. The door opens automatically and the host is immediately notified.

No intervention required for a signature

It can be that easy: visitors sign a visitor's agreement themselves and take note of your prevention measures.

Real-time communication between visitor and host

Greet visitors automatically, reduce disturbances and allow employees to work in peace. Via the Bringme app, communication with and reception of visitors is quick and easy.

Has your visitor arrived?

The host is notified immediately.

Does the visitor have to wait (too) long?

Then the host will receive a reminder.

Is he really delayed?

Then he can forward his visitor to a colleague. Solved!

Eliminate parcel problems and increase productivity

Couriers deliver directly to the Bringme Box. The employee does not have to get up every time to receive, sign for or stock parcels.

And the recipient?

He can pick up his parcel when it suits him.

Less resources with digital (IT) asset management

Make your business assets permanently available and deliver (IT) materials, contracts and spare parts directly into the right hands.

  • Reduce waiting times, optimise (IT) asset management and never lose anything again

Make home and office work easier

  • Easy transfer for hybrid workers
  • Deliveries are safe in the Box

Bringme simplifies the exchanges between home and office workers. Important documents and deliveries are kept safe in the Box. Hybrid workers pick up their parcels when they are at the office.

Let the internal mail distribute itself

Have the mail from the various departments automatically delivered to the Bringme Box and put an end to the daily internal mail round.

  • Stop losing correspondence and reduce frustration

Less administration with smart keys

Smart keys and locks are a must for those who want to work more efficiently. Instead of using mechanically based locking and access systems, digitise your access management.

  • Quickly and easily assign new access rights

Create a better welcome based on data

The Bringme ecosystem comes with a convenient, intuitive management tool, the Bringme Manager. This allows you to centrally manage and personalise your automations.

  • Keep all your visitor-, access-, delivery- and employee management information in one central place
  • Optimise your processes on the basis of data insights and thorough analytics
  • Fully customisable configuration

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