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A professional welcome. Without a receptionist.

  • Welcome visitors and employees with a single, uniform security protocol
  • Ensure optimal hygiene through sensor-controlled hand disinfection
  • Automatically check visitors and employees for fever while respecting their privacy
  • Eliminate 90% of reception tasks and save substantially on your costs
Woman disinfecting her hands at the Bringme Desk
Bringme  Desk & App

Not a traditional visitor management system

The Bringme Desk is an innovative reception desk that directs visitors and employees to where they need to be and welcomes them professionally. It provides information about the preventive measures, makes it compulsory to disinfect your hands, and issues an ‘all clear’ badge. 24/7. Secure. Saves costs.
Man and woman at the reception

Ensuring safety is not a job for a ‘real-life’ receptionist

It is impossible for a human receptionist to receive and register visitors, to explain preventive measures, to take a virus risk test, to screen for fever, to have visitors disinfect their hands, etc. at a distance of 1.5 m. And that’s exactly where the Bringme Desk excels.

    Desk Health Check -Initiate Scan

    Rule #1

    A single, uniform security protocol

    The Bringme Desk welcomes everyone contactless and safely. It provides information about the preventive measures.

    Desk Health Check - Thermal Scan

    Rule #2

    No sick people in the workplace

    Reduce absenteeism. Is there a virus spike or seasonal flu? The desk checks employees and visitors for fever at lightning speed.

    Desk Health Check - Hand Sanitiser

    Rule #3

    Disinfecting hands is mandatory

    Strengthen your hygiene policy. Before someone is allowed in, the desk asks and checks if they have disinfected their hands. That’s quite reassuring.

    Bringme Office QR Access Code

    Reassure visitors with pre-registration

    1. Are you inviting a customer to a meeting? Then they’ll be pre-registered immediately.
    2. The customer receives an email with the QR code and an explanation of the prevention measures and the health check. That way, they’re completely updated and they feel safe.
    3. During their visit, the customer scans their QR code at the desk for a quick check-in.
      Iphone Iphone

      With the handy Bringme App

      Has your parcel been delivered? Has your visitor arrived? Then the Bringme App sends a message directly to the recipient or host. Now that’s handy!

        Utter privacy

        All our hardware and software products are designed according to the ‘privacy by design’ principle, ISO 27001 IT Security-certified and ISO 27701 GDPR-compliant.

          Black calculator near ballpoint pen on white printed paper

          Why you save significant costs with Bringme

          • With the Bringme Desk alone, you can digitise and automate the majority of the reception tasks.
          • With the golden duo of the Bringme Desk + Bringme Box, you create a fully-fledged virtual reception desk that takes over more than 90% of the repetitive reception tasks.
          • No need to make an investment because you can simply rent the Box and the Desk.
          • This virtual reception solution allows a company to save an average of 90.000 euro per year. Moreover, you reduce sickness absence.

            Three extra reasons to request a quote right now

            Increase safety in the workplace

            Implement a uniform safety protocol for employees and visitors

            Reduce absenteeism

            Keep sick people out of the workplace and give viruses and bacteria less chance to spread.

            Show your sense of responsibility

            Make it clear to customers, visitors, and employees that you guarantee well-being in the workplace.

            Naomi Talk To An Expert

            Do you want to save costs with an unstaffed reception?
            I’m happy to advise you!

            Optimise your virtual reception with

            Bringme Desk

            Bringme Desk

            For the safe registration of visitors and employees

            Bringme Box

            Bringme Box

            Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

            Bringme Bell

            Bringme Bell

            To speak to couriers without physical contact

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