What does visitor management or visitor registration entail?

Visitor management or visitor registration is how you welcome visitors onto your company's premises or buildings. Registering visitors, ensuring their and your company’s safety, making sure they comply with the (privacy) policy, and managing evacuations efficiently are all part of it.

A visitor management system or visitor registration system?

A visitor management system addresses all areas of welcoming visitors into your workspace. We distinguish three main types. Firstly, in its most basic form, it consists merely of pen and paper. Secondly, it can be purely software driven and cloud based (SaaS), needing the assistance of a tablet or iPad. Thirdly, it can be a combination of software and hardware (HaaS), taking over all tasks of receptionists and delivering all visitor services automatically, without any assistance from a front desk employee.

1. Visitor registration with pen and paper

Businesses that are new to digital transformation may still use pen and paper to register visitors. This can be inconvenient for receptionists, as they have to comply with data protection laws while also handling registration. A paperless solution is more efficient, precise and safer.

2. Visitor registration with a SaaS solution

SaaS solutions are designed to support the reception staff, who need a tablet or iPad to use them. Visitors sign in at the front desk under the supervision of the front desk employee. It's a light version of a visitor management system because at least one person must be there to accept deliveries and to assist guests. In order to provide a seamless experience, companies may need to integrate with third party access control or invest in additional hardware, such as a printer to issue visitor badges. Because of the risk of explosion posed by the batteries, these SaaS solutions are not viable for companies with high security standards.

3. Visitor registration with a HaaS solution

The combined hardware and software of a Hardware as a Service or HaaS-solution manages to offer a smooth and professional reception without human help. Their hardware consists of a variety of components such as QR code scanners, a badge printer and a hand sanitizer to improve workplace safety. HaaS systems help to reduce costs, improve security and offer high efficiency. They are typically part of a bigger ecosystem and can be expanded with other elements such as a parcel box for smart mailroom management and a bell for secured access control.

How digital visitor management systems work

Once a visitor has securely accessed your building:

  1. They get informed about the safety protocol
  2. They sign an NDA and accepts the company's privacy policy
  3. The host gets notified via mail or smartphone notification

What can a visitor management system mean to your workplace?

Increased efficiency

User-friendly registration and sign-in with unique QR code.

Increased safety

A safer workplace thanks to smart access control.

Saving costs

A system that could save your company up to £45,000.