What is a digital reception?

The digital reception is an ingenious combination of innovative software and hardware. This allows companies to fully automate their reception area. The system eliminates the repetitive tasks of receptionists and provides a safe and cost-effective solution that facilitates access control, automates visitor registration, and receives and stores incoming mail, parcels, and deliveries.

Advanced access control in a digital reception

Temporary staff, permanent employees, visitors and suppliers come and go. But who gets access to which rooms, and when?

Greeting and guidance

A smart access control system greets and guides everyone entering the building with automatic voice instructions and gives them access to the company. An invitation email with a QR code enables visitors and suppliers to be given limited temporary access.

One key access

The system offers a one key access experience: one key opens all the doors and activates all the smart devices to which the user has access, such as printers.

Heightened level of security

The management software makes it possible to set and adjust access rights and time restrictions. Thus, only authorised persons gain access to, for example, the legal, financial or HR department. This ensures a heightened level of security.

Visitor management in a digital reception

A digital reception also receives and registers visitors and employees. Using a visitor management system, this is done very efficiently & digitally. There are 2 types of visitor management solutions, but 1 clear winner.

Software as a Service (SaaS) solution

These systems support the receptionist in their daily tasks. They partially digitize the reception, do not operate independently: a receptionist must always be present with a tablet or iPad to use the software, and they incur additional costs: the cost of the system plus the costs of the receptionist using the system.

Hardware as a Service (HaaS) solution

This system operates 100% independently and fully automates visitor registration. It includes various components such as a smart doorbell, badge printer, and QR code readers to open doors. Because no receptionist is needed, a company with a HaaS system saves a lot of money. And the reception becomes much more professional. A full digital reception therefore always offers a HaaS solution.

Parcel management in a digital reception

A digital reception also includes a mailroom management system: a smart parcel locker system that manages all incoming mail, deliveries and parcels. With a standalone solution, companies can streamline their mailroom management and monitor incoming and outgoing parcels. A smart doorbell shows couriers the way to deliver mail. The recipient automatically receives a message that mail has arrived for them. If they forget to pick up their parcel, they get a reminder.

Why companies choose a digital reception

In the past, companies relied on pen and paper to register visitors. This was often done by the same receptionist who also had to receive, sign for, store all mail and parcels, and inform recipients about their shipment. It was time-consuming, and moreover, it violated GDPR.

In contrast, the digital reception operates entirely autonomously. It professionalizes the reception of companies, governments, and organizations, makes work environments safer, and reduces operational costs. Receptionists thus have more time for more complex tasks, such as fleet management or supporting other colleagues.

With a digital reception, even a completely unstaffed reception becomes possible.

  • Is available 24/7
  • Improves visitor experience
  • Optimises internal provision

What can a digital reception mean for your workplace?

Greater efficiency

No front desk employee required to receive and store mail and parcels.

More safety

Safe and privacy-proof storage of mail and parcels.


A digital reception can save your company up to £45,000.