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A professional welcome. With or without staff present.

There are fewer visitors due to virtual meetings, more complexity due to hybrid working, and more focus on safety and hygiene since COVID. Many companies are making the receptionist’s tasks partially or fully automated.

Man and woman talking at the reception
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An additional employee. At no extra cost.

Playing warehouse clerk, signing visitors in and out, respecting GDPR guidelines, informing people of the preventive measures: it’s an impossible task for a receptionist. Let them focus on hospitality and outsource all the repetitive tasks of a professional receptionist to the unstaffed reception.

    Receptionist Geen robot

    The receptionist is not a robot

    Day in, day out, signing for receipt, storing deliveries, notifying employees, playing phone tag, sending reminders… The Bringme Box and Desk take care of all these repetitive tasks. This frees up time for reception staff to better support their colleagues.

      The receptionist is not a security guard

      Consistently issuing a badge to each visitor, explaining the prevention and safety rules, or having visitors sign an NDA. Bringme’s unstaffed reception does it tirelessly.

      • Digital security protocol for everyone who enters;
      • Uniform visitor agreement for the protection of IPs and knowhow.
      Visitor Management Sign NDA At Desk

      The receptionist is not a DPO

      Asking visitors for their permission to use their personal data over and over again, securing each parcel to protect private information… The receptionist has their hands full. Automating this process considerably lightens the workload.

      • The smart Desk makes visitors sign the company’s privacy policy.
      • The smart Box stores private parcels safely.

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        The receptionist is not present 24/7

        The receptionist occasionally falls ill, goes on holiday, takes a lunch break, or would also like to work from home. Extend the welcome with Bringme’s unstaffed reception, which is on standby around the clock, never absent, and performs all reception tasks.

          Bringme Office Colleague Woman Signs Parcel without receptionist

          Employees are not part-time receptionists

          Having to interrupt work every time for a parcel or delivery, helping visitors or suppliers find their way, etc. Employees want to be able to focus on their own work. Bringme’s unstaffed reception skilfully handles these little interruptions.

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          The receptionist is not a host

          Welcoming visitors, looking for the host, informing the visitors when their host is late or in a meeting… Receptionists have their hands full. The Bringme Desk is in direct contact with the host. It’s a great time saver and a special visitor experience.

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            Optimise your unstaffed reception with

            Bringme Desk

            Bringme Desk

            For the safe registration of visitors and employees

            Bringme Box

            Bringme Box

            Contactless delivery and collection in a smart parcel box

            Bringme Bell

            Bringme Bell

            To speak to couriers without physical contact